Course Info


The first swimmer will enter the water at 9am with a 15-second interval between swimmers. Numbers will be allocated according to your estimated race swim time, so please be as accurate as possible in your entry-time prediction.

The 50m pool will be divided into 4 lanes and each competitor (except Tri-Start U8’s) will swim 2 lengths in each lane before moving below the lane divider and repeating the procedure until the requisite numbers of lengths has been completed. Juniors will swim 2, 4 or 6 lengths, according to the age-group distance.

If a competitor wishes and is capable of passing the preceding swimmer, he or she should tap the feet of the forward swimmer as a signal of intent to pass. The forward swimmer should then complete the current length of the pool before allowing the faster swimmer to pass at the end of the pool (either Deep End or Shallow End). Overtaking is only permitted during the course of a single length and in the middle of a lane if there is no oncoming swimmer already performing the same manoeuvre. Please DO NOT signal intent to pass unless you are 100% confident of being able to maintain the time advantage and new position throughout the remainder of the swim. Anyone breaching these basic safety rules or failing to complete full swim lengths may be subject to penalties (see above). Pool marshalls will be present to supervise ‘safe and fair play’ for all participants.


The run continues immediately after exit from Transition with a left-turn onto Norton Common.

The senior race covers 2-laps over a distance of 5k using off-road tracks and semi-metalled pathways within the Common. Junior races take place over 1 or 2 shorter laps, according to age-group and distance. The route will be well-signposted and marshalled so that it is impossible to take a wrong turn. We have devised a spectator-friendly route to allow family, children and friends to easily view and provide support to runners both during the run and at the finish.

Please note that the Common remains open to all users, dog-walkers, pedestrians and even cyclists. Please therefore exercise due caution and do not assume right-of-way by virtue of race participation. Please also pay attention to BTF Rules on Conduct; any competitor using foul or abusive language or behaving in a way that could potentially lead to a breach of the peace may be disqualified. Spectators should ensure that any dogs are kept on leads and refrain from ball-sports or other activities that may impede runners in any way.


The routes for the 2021 run course can be found below. Click on the image for a larger version.